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Taking down the book Internet Empire: THe HIdden Digital War from a shelf

Virtual business is here to stay. But it has a dark side. The book Internet Empire: The Hidden Digital War explains how the internet expansion of US companies has been like that of traditional empire building from an economic perspective. Arguing from detailed analysis of the origins of the internet, the cross-border nature of internet products and the economic nature of war, the author shows how the rise of internet platforms has been a mixed blessing. He then shares ways that we can change our own behavior to make the internet economy better for our individual and collective future.


In this comprehensive book written by an internationally recognised expert, you'll learn:

  • How the internet businesses maintain their commanding market strength, and the hidden ways they earn profits

  • Why governments are constrained in managing digital stakeholders, especially with supranational concentrated markets

  • What ways that internet business expansion has economic parallels with empire building

  • What we can do to maintain our internet freedom, based on 15 tested principles 


Readers say:

  • "Stimulating and provocative"

  • "Essential reading to understand the digital economy"

  • "Innovative and intriguing"

  • "Well written, surprising and powerful"

  • "A sweeping, evidence-filled and remarkable book"

  • "An enjoyable polemic"

  • "An informative, thought provoking, well researched and important book that everyone should read"

  • "Surprising in many ways"

  • "Easy to recommend"

  • "Eye-opening"

IF you want to understand

The details of how internet businesses work 

Their ultimate economic and social impacts

IF you want to start:  

Down the path of individual action to ensure internet freedom


Do not delay

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Sample audio

Audio Internet Empire - Will Huggins - 5 Minute SampleInternet Empire
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Virtual business has brought fantastic innovation and new horizons that should create new opportunities for competition and free choice.
But it has not lived up to its early promise.


  • Limiting choice, abusing power, moving economic value across borders.

  • Where does it end? How did we create this new American empire? How does it fit within the broader economic history of empires, imperialism and war?

  • How does the territorial expansion of dominant internet firms yield economic outcomes like war?

  • How can this internet world be tamed? Will digital regulation, like the DMA or Choice Online Act, suffice?

This fact-rich book explains how the internet takeover of the world has economic consequences like those of war. But unlike a traditional war, the key to a response lies with us. The book lays out 15 easy steps for how we can change our behavior to make internet business better for our own future.

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